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Would you gladly pay to get some handwritten notes or images typed in docx or PDF format for you?

I had made notes during my MBBS, which I have uploaded in MBBS blog. Check the blog and follow for more-. MBBS notes

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They are all doctors, they could tell me about my illness all over again, they knew all my secrets, the answers, they knew all... And all they taught me was how you must treat yourself... My heart felt useless, there is so much work that you must do in life... I don't blame the doctors, if I did things differently, I can understand this feeling, but there is no way that I would feel helpless... 2nd year: My heart broke when my MBBS was finished, they couldn't tell me anything, I had to spend my summer at home, my dad passed away 2 months before MBBS ended, his funeral was the day before our appointment with the doctors... My family wanted me to go back to America, I had to face all of them, I didn't have any friends to spend time with, and with no family I lived.