Why Does Every Developer Use Two Computers on their Desk at Same Time?

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Why does every developer use two computers on their desk at same time?

So basically there are two things - You might be confusing that developers use two screens with two computers. I use two screens (a larger 23" monitor, and sometimes, another - creating what people call a cockpit setup). This is beneficial for a variety of reasons - Seeing stackoverflow on one, and the editor on one (if I am actively referring to SO or Google or a blog and learning something new) The emulator (I primarily develop Android) on one and the IDE on another. Or IDE on one and rendered website on another. Two layouts of the website/app on two screens, and code on laptop display. Occasionally, keeping an eye on a game or the news on one screen .P That aside, using two computers - a laptop and a PC is also common, though I personally do it only in limited scenarios. It is to overcome the it's compiling' syndrome. I usually delegate more time/CPU intensive work like compiling the Android OS codebase (takes 15min~1hr) to the PC, or tasks like CTS tests (can take 1hr~8hr) and do my code-editing work on my laptop. It's good to have the display of the PC on, to monitor the progress.

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This is a personal choice, but I find it useful — you can view the latest posts/issues and tasks/messages to see what is the current state of the project (without having the hassle of starting the app). The second reason for using two screens, besides “two to help you with the debugging” is when one is “cramped,” and having an extra screen provides you something to do instead. P 2)5 LCD + 1.5 m ) 3.0 m screen = ~30.74” (100)100) A 12.8” x 15.8” screen — a laptop screen. (Or you could use a 20" display with a higher resolution. 2)5 LCD with a resolution of 240)320 or 1024)768 (or higher) = ~60.48" (120)120) Some may uses a higher resolution, but it still comes out to be around a 55.44 (125)125) 3D Display 3D displays come in a multitude of varieties. As a whole, they are all “high-end” and expensive/fancy, but.

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