What Type of PDF File Is Machine Readable?

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What type of PDF file is machine readable?

While, in theory, you can extract some data from most PDFs, there are a couple of things to note. Because PDF can store text, raster, vector and audio/video data (not to mention more exotic things like 3D and engineering stuff), if you’re mining for structured text data, you must ensure that this text is readable/accessible — i.e, not represented by anything except text objects internally. Text in images inside PDF will not be machine-readable unless OCR’ed beforehand. For your extraction logic to understand the real meaning behind all the various kinds of text strings randomly found in the PDF, and classify/group them properly, you want to help it by explaining the text’s semantics. As implemented by PDF tags — the same tech that enables PDF accessibility, e.g. for screen readers, among other things. You can start here. PDF and HTML. Objects and Semantics

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The Semantics are one of the most important features of PDF. PDFs are a very powerful way of representing anything, whether it be a document or a set of objects (i.e. if you are interested in this, read our previous article on Text and PDF). However, as with anything, PDFs are not only just information objects, they also have a semantics — the way they are represented and how the semantic content of the objects is represented. Now, here comes the key: as it stands, the most common approach by which these semantics are represented in PDFs, which is also the approach used by PDF readers (also see Figure 1, below). Figure 1 PDF representation of content using semantic content As you can see in Figure 2 above, PDFs are just a regular old text document with tags in it that relate to the content of the HTML documents that follow,.

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