What Do You Prefer An E Book Or a Real Book?

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What do you prefer an E-book or a Real book?

I have a habit. I crave for bookmarks all the time. So much so, even when I went to Rastrapathi Bhavan for a guided tour, I nagged the in-house librarian to spare me the official President bookmarks. Now if you ask me why this addiction, I would attribute completely to the book ocean I own - Thanks to friends, family and my tiny savings. It is not that I completely disassociate with other forms of book reading facilities we have, I use my tablet exhaustively for e-books and audio books. But that is the supplementary part - during travels and a genuine lack of provision to carry along bulky books. Otherwise, for a tinge of flavor, open the oldest book you own. Feel how tender the papers are like. Trace the random scribblings you made in your unbearable handwriting with the thought process you once owned. If that is a second-hand book, it is even more adventurous - You see two worlds at once. E-books cant carry that love. You need a physical existence in reality to feel emotions. Or it's just me. Old school. Whenever I need to use quotations from the books I have completed, I feel like a boss, strolling in my pajamas amidst the book racks and check book to book with a pen and a crumbled paper. So, you now know why I would always pick a book .)

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I am sure that most people have had a similar relationship with book. It can be seen in the first books or the last that you have completed. But the thing about books is that we forget to leave them behind. It could also be seen in our lackadaisical approach to a book which we read so frequently. And so, most of us are left with just memories and a feeling of regret. And so, what you will get at the end of this post is a brief review of the five things, I am certain that you will enjoy reading.   I know, books can be so much more than that. One just cannot read them on a single day. But I have collected them in one place as a tribute to the book that carries all our hopes and fears for the next 10 years. The books are just a part of.