Is It Worth to Buy An Ipad 2018 in 2019 for Emails?

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Is it worth to buy an iPad 2018 in 2019 for emails, web browsing (both PDF and word format), word typing, documents editing, and social media?

For that usage scenario, I would get an iPad. But 32GB will be too small for creating a lot of TikTok videos. That will put you at 128GB storage for $429. The iPad Air is $170 more with 64GB storage (enough for creating TikTok videos). It’s faster but, given your usage scenario, you aren’t going to notice it. So, for me, the $170 for less storage isn’t worth it. For $370, you can get an iPad Pro with the same amount of storage. It’s even better than the Air but, again, given your usage scenario, it’s overkill. I mean, you can get another 32 GB iPad for less than that. Again, get the iPad. Your pocketbook will thank you. And you’ll be just as happy as if you’ve gotten a Pro.

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If I buy an iPad, where will I put all my media on it? The biggest expense would be the media storage. If I didn’t have any media stored on a computer, and I just needed to get all my media to my iPad, what would be the process I take? A: Download music to your iTunes folder. If no music is stored on your device, then there is no problem with this approach. You'd just have to manually go into your music/artist folder and find each song you want to transfer. B: Copy to your Pictures folder. I can't do this on my computer. Instead, I would recommend using a portable media drive, such as the Transcend SDC FlashDrive. The Transcend SDC drives are a great way to transfer photos or music.   The SDC uses a micro-SD Card that comes in a small USB Flash Drive that holds one.