How Do I Test a Document Anti Virus Scanner for Different File Types?

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How do I test a document anti-virus scanner for different file types, e.g., PNG, JPG, JPEG, and PDF? I have used the EICAR file but I also need to test other file types.

Td;dr.No Okay, since nobody mentions why “JPEG” & “JPG” is the same, I’ll explain why this file is the same in detail. The JPG or JPEG is a file format created by the joint photographic experts group. The file was meant to store the digital format of photography while using a lossy compression method (meaning that information is thrown away to save space. The opposite is called lossless). Now, there are 2 types of file in computers. Text file and binary file. A binary file is, well, a file, that stores, well, non-text file. This could be.Computer executable files Audio file Image file Anywho, this type of files has standards, and usually have something called header. The header for the JPEG standard says.Every JPEG file must have 2-bytes header identifier, consisting of 0x4A 0x46 0x49 0x46 0x00 (that's a 5 byte, null-terminated string. It says “JFIF” in human-readable encoding) Version, consisting of 2-bytes … You can read the full specs here. It will look for the identifier in the binary file. So, if I have a valid JPEG file with the name “my_cat.pic” it should technically work. But, since JPEG file has a common extension of either “JPG” or “JPEG”, to quickly tell if this is a valid JPEG file, the program will search for either “JPG” or “JPEG” in the file name. And, no. It’s not the same as “color” and “colour” since I could use the extension “PNG” and Photoshop will open the file without problem. Even web browsers would display the file without any problem. It's not the extension, it’s the identifier that matters. The extension is only used to quickly identify a file.

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A true color JPEG would have a more meaningful identifier than a PNG and it just so happens that the JPG file “my_cat. JPG cannot be a good candidate. A true color PNG file would have a more meaningful identifier than a JPG file containing only the black and white images. So what is the difference between the JPG & JPEG? The difference is in the specification of the way they use the file to save on space. The JPG (JPEG) file uses an uncompressed data structure. Let's take an example image, the white square on the left. The data structure for a true color JPG file is quite simple: Now, let's take an example image, the black and white square on the right. This image is not true color, it is true color with a gamma shifted color value. Let s=0, and we need to know if the color is 0 or 1. Hence, we will need to.

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